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Behaviour & Conflict Resolution

We live in a world today that operates at a tremendously demanding pace and this has an effect on the way we engage with others across workplace settings. These demands often require us to deal with pressurised situations along with the emotions and behaviour that they engender. These can include situations generated through:
  • Working relationships with colleagues.
  • Workplace settings/environments.
  • The everyday demands of a job role.
  • Customer / client relationships.
  • Members of the general public.
The services we offer aim to provide all staff within an organisation with a range of tools that can enable them to generate meaningful outcomes from negative situations - building strong positive relationships in the process. With this in mind we currently offer training and support in the following areas:
  • Understanding and managing daily stress in work related environments.
  • Dealing effectively with highly pressurised situations.
  • Conflict resolution and coaching within the workplace.
  • Customer services - building relationships and dealing with aggressive behaviour from members of the general public.
  • A double-edged sword - the pro's and cons of being challenged.