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Teacher Inset Training 2019/20

INSET & School Community Training Workshops

Please find below our 2019/20 range of staff Inset and school community training workshops, many of which can also be adapted for delivery to parents and pupils too.

With backgrounds in education, health & wellbeing, the arts and the environment we offer training from experienced experts who are passionate about engaging and supporting teachers, parents and pupils of all ages.

2019/20 Training Workshops:

Art and the curriculum – A cross-curricular workshop exploring maths, English and science through practical art activities that can be used in the classroom.  The session will involve a medium of your choice, such as paint, print, mosaic, collage, drawing and ceramic.

Outdoor learning & forest schools A practical workshop focusing on how to make best use of your school grounds / outdoor spaces to explore the whole curriculum, improve mental & physical wellbeing and reduce behavioural issues.

*Creativity & Literacy A hands-on session that investigates how to inspire a positive approach to reading and writing, through creative and outdoor activities.

*Wellbeing for staff & pupils An interactive workshop that looks at how to develop resilience, wellbeing and positive mental health within educational settings.

**Managing challenging behaviour Depending on your preference, this session can take a general approach covering interactions with parents, pupils and staff/colleagues or it can be more specific in its approach by focussing on one specific audience.

**How to deal with bullying this session will explore what bullying is, the physical & psychological effects of bullying along with support mechanisms and techniques that can be used to bring about positive outcomes from negative situations.

*Relaxation and the curriculum - Introducing mindfulness and appropriate relaxation techniques into the classroom/educational settings and how these can be linked to the curriculum.

School community engagement toolkit (SCET) This session demonstrates how schools can use SCET to effectively engage their local community, promoting equality & diversity and equal opportunity through the building of strong positive relationships.

How much will it cost & next steps?   

Our aim is to provide affordable personal & professional development training to all staff, pupils and parents. Sessions marked with a * (children) or ** (parent) can be adapted to suit that particular audience. Parent/children based workshops are delivered for a discounted price.

If you have spotted some training you would like or we have sparked an interest for some bespoke training you would prefer please contact us with your requirements/details. You can do this either by email or call us on 07786 888653/01553 768368.  We will then arrange to come and visit you for a free (no obligation)informal chat about the training you are interested in.